• audi white noise


    the audi white noise is a completely different approach to the mobility of tomorrow. instead of artificial sounds processed through speakers it creates a natural and pure sound which finally gives the electric car an unique and genuine character unlike ever seen before.

    initial position

    Beside the visual exterieur Design, it is the sound that makes us want to own a car. Therefore it is an important part of the exterieur Design. Until now, the sound of electric vehicles has been widely neglected. Emotion - especially in the field of automotive design is triggered hugely on a auditive level. Many manufacturers are researching and experimenting on an artificial level. They are creating digital sounds that are played by speakers in the body of the car. Since the electric car still has to fight for its authenticity, the idea was to create a pure sound to give it character for the first time.

    the concept

    The audi white noise takes auditive emotion to a different, advanced level. In tradition with its brand, it realises the sound through a pure, technological intelligent and honest way. The sculptural form and the finns in the chassis create a peerless sound experience unlike ever experienced before. The true sound of the future. The Effect is made possible by an intelligent airstream flowing through the side of the Vehicle. It enters the finns at the front and cools the electric motors as well. The physical effect which causes the vehicle to then create the natural sound is called the Kármán vortex street which is also used to play an Aerolian Harp. Strings attached inside the lower body of the car are played by the wind passing through. The sound emerged in this manner gives the electric car a natural and pure feeling and creates a completely new and unique character for electric vehicles. Thinking ahead you could imagine to give different sounds to different vehicle classes simply by changing the physical length, tension or count of the strings. Just like in composing music the possibilities are endless. The electric revolution has just begun.

    the shape

    The shape of the body is deeply inspired by the geometric shapes of concert halls. It accrues from the arragement of mostly simple surfaces - just like in music where one note just becomes a song if it is connected with others in an subtle way. Because of this analogy the exterieur design approaches the target group with it’s interest in cultural and sophisticted design. The rear of the concept and the rim design is inspired by the forms of modern speakers which undermines the connection between Audi and simple industrial design. The use of inspiration from concert halls as well as speakers clarifies the connection of the sophisticated and cultural to the industrial world - the world of Audi. the audi white noise concept was created by frederic allenberg during the studies in the transportation design course at pforzheim university of applied science.
  • smart akoya

    What if the future of individual transportation lies in the car sharing industry? While its parent company, Daimler, is building the world’s largest car sharing service, smart asked transportation design students of the Pforzheim University of Applied Science to design a concept specifically made for car sharing use only. My approach is the smart akoya (named after the Pinctada fucata, a pearl oyster), a concept for the upper-middle class. While most of the current shared car concepts aim for the mass market, the smart akoya was developed for the luxury demand of the upper-middle class. With it’s impressive physical and economical small footprint, the possibility of storage extension and it’s unusual and abstract spherical shape it offers an outstanding appearance for the discerning people of tomorrow.
  • Painting 014 / 015

    acrylic on canvas.
  • Photography 2014

    the walls of pforzheim